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Interior designers can provide a number of services and products to make your remodeling project go more smoothly. While some people think that designers are only for high-end projects, designers work with clients of almost any budget on almost any kind of remodeling or redecorating project. Your interior designer will work collaboratively with your contractor to ensure that design choices are made in a timely manner and that selected materials are available when the contractor needs them. A designer can help you not only to determine the scope of your project and but also to finish your space after the contractor's work is completed.

Some of the services that a designer can provide include the following:

  • In-home consultation to determine budget parameters and scope of project.
  • Determine best use of space and ways to expand and alter space (space planning).
  • Prepare and revise as necessary the following architectural documents: space plan, floor plan, construction drawings, perspectives, and elevations.
  • Specify materials, obtain samples for client review, and estimate rough costs.
  • Present project proposal to one or more licensed contractors.
  • Obtain permits and other documents necessary for the project.
  • Research building materials and processes in coordination with contractor.
  • Prepare detailed cabinetry drawings (plan and elevation) to homeowners' specifications, and obtain written quotes from cabinet vendors.
  • Specify appliances and/or fixtures in consultation with homeowners and obtain quotes from vendors; may include client visit to appliance vendors.
  • Obtain quotes for countertop materials and locate qualified fabricator for the selected material.
  • Obtain quotes for flooring materials, assist clients in selecting final flooring product.
  • Select and design tile for use in the project.
  • Assist clients in choosing most effective color palette for the space.
  • Design a lighting scheme for the space.
  • Provide from catalogues or trade-only furnishings, fixtures, and accessories such as area rugs.
  • Design and provide appropriate window coverings.

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